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Don't forget to take care of your lashes! Extensions require aftercare which you can do in 5 minutes or less in the comfort of your own home to keep your lashes lasting longer and looking nicer.


Follow the steps below:


Avoid water around the eyes for 24 hours

The glue is still fresh on your face, even if it is technically dry at the end of the session. Washing or wetting your face within 24 hours can loosen the lashes.


Avoid oil-based face products

Don't use that water-based mascara, 1. cause your lashes already look great so you don't need to put make-up on them, 2. because oil-based products loosen the glue even after it's dried. Check your soaps to make sure they're not oil-based.


Avoid rubbing, pulling, or picking your lashes

All these things will encourage you lashes to fall out, and worse part, you'll be taking your natural lashes down with you so, don't do it!


Cleanse lashes daily

Using oil-free products, massage soap in your lashes and around your eyes to keep your eyes clean. Rinse with water and gentle pat them try when you're done. Remember, be gentle and clean them everyday otherwise your eyes will get sticky and that's no fun.


Avoid exposure to strong heat

Ovens and saunas are all hazards with your new lashes because the material of the lashes can distort and melt under strong heat. Keep those lashes safe!


Book refills

As your natural lashes grow out, your extensions and the glue holding them down will start to stick out more which may cause them to catch on things or feel uncomfortable. But, it's an easy fix! Come back to NV Beauty for a refill within 2 weeks to keep those lashes looking and feeling good.

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