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My Story

NV Beauty is a dream born out of a a desire to share the happiness of looking and feeling good that I have felt from getting my own eyebrows and lashes done.

After having my eyebrows over-threaded years ago and trying to endlessly grow them out to no avail, I discovered lamination and it changed my life. Eyelashes seemed like the perfect next step to ditching make-up and finding a longer lasting solution to the look I wanted. 

NV Beauty ensures that every client gets the look they want from a technician who knows what it's like to want a new look that has people "NV"ing your beauty.


What We Do

NV Beauty is a lash extension service that offers the unique options of both in studio and mobile service to your home. We pride ourselves in our offer of accessible treatments that work for your schedule so you can get your beauty look when and where is best suited for you.

With our technician trained in classic, volume and hybrid lash extensions, there are multiple styles to try. Plus, to finish up the eye look, we also offer eyebrow lamination.

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